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About Us

Our vision and manifesto in short:

"We started our project after many years of working in Professional Photography and
collaborating with so many talented, unique and interesting people. Some of them were
established professionals in their own creative field, but some were merely known at all
by their competitors and potential clients, yet each one of them had their own voice and
even more beautiful personality, that inspired us and we wanted to tell you their story.
We are not a mainstream media and never wanted to become one. We are not Fashion,
Photography, Art, Design etc. magazine only. We are not the News and we don't want to
showcase you a content only about celebrities that you already know. ..All we want is: to
pause a moment
in an artist's/person's life - both with a camera and our story - and
introduce you to their character rather than just their work, because we believe that all
artists are special and deserve their attention - regardless of how famous or understood
they are. Follow our updates on Facebook + Instagram & read our Editor's Blog! And,
who knows, maybe one day we'll write about you." — Yours, Lounge & Lifestyle team.


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For all inquiries: info@loungeandlifestyle.com      (or:    loungeandlifestyle@gmail.com )
For cooperation, photo & story submission reviews: cooperation@loungeandlifestyle.com

For photoshoots and photo licensing related questions, please, email Veronica Lounge at:
veronica.lounge@gmail.com . To contact the Editor you can use same Email or send it to:
editor@loungeandlifestyle.com .   P.S. Make sure your topic says "Lounge & Lifestyle".

We are located in Finland & Russia, Saint-Petersburg. We plan to print-on-demand and
our magazine will be available for purchase online (only printed issues). Subscribe here:

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