"Lounge & Lifestyle is all about the life itself.

We're celebrating its beautiful moments & documenting people's stories in a rich visual way,
providing our international readers with unique & high quality content, and our great taste."

*Curated by a professional Fashion & Lifestyle and Still-Life Photographer, Stylist, AD and Editor Veronica Lounge

Our Story

The idea of Lounge & Lifestyle (*Veronica's name & her lifestyle) was born in late 2015 after collaborating & meeting with so many talented and interesting people from all around the world - artists, designers, photographers - established professionals and beautiful personalities, who inspired us deeply and we wanted to tell you their story ('cause we think every person is unique & worth a magazine interview). We wanted to pause a moment in each person's life both with our camera & text and introduce you to their characters instead of just showing their work +provide you with lots of beautiful photos, rare content and genuine atmosphere from our personal interaction with each of our subjects, and show you a tiny bit of their truly important lives no matter how famous or not they are. Follow us and maybe one day we'll write a story about you. - L&L

In our first L&L magazine Issue:

In each issue we'll cover different topics about everything from photography to art and design. In our 1st printed L&L you'll find exclusive articles & interviews with photographers Pavel Birukov, Stefano Brunesci, Dean West and Maxim Marmur, Producer Jasmine Pajari, Artist/musician Valentin Afanasiev, Actor/Theatre Director Alexey Krasnozvetov, Wine bar/restaurant Molto Buono 2, Designer YAT @2OR+BYYAT +story about our Lapland trip +promotion of Veronica's 2nd book Street Petersburg with her rare, previously un-published B&W street photo works. You'll see lots of beautiful photos, editorials +other material never shown before, as you walk through these moments with us and get introduced to the people we met in person & in regards to our main inspiration - beautiful Saint-Petersburg. ❤

High Quality Lifestyle magazine in
A5 travel size *printed on-demand*

We believe in authenticity. We believe that real photos need to be printed, so they truly come to life. That is why we publish our magazine in a printed format (for now) only, in a compact A5 travel size for the best visual and easy-to-read experience. This format preserves overall quality of the photos, while it's still easy to take our magazine anywhere with you to enjoy. We're also minimizing unnecessary paper waste by printing our magazine on demand*. This way we ensure that we get our best readers, who want to take part in our journey and start to collect our issues we're so pleased to create. (For bulk magazine orders contact us.) +We also have our online Editor's Blog written by our Photographer/Editor Veronica Lounge. Please, check it out, if you prefer more digital experience.